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Dave Colestock

Contra and Square Dance Caller

Email: ContraDancerDave {at} Yahoo {dot} Com


Dave Colestock calling at Frederick dance 1/24/2004

My Dance Compositions:

Lizzie's Delight
Dancing in Durham
Swingin' on the Opposite Side
Waiting for the Keys
Whose Turn?
Road to Crownsville
The Gypsy Dancer
Moving Pieces
Durham Revisited
A Nifty 50
Cole Country Revisited
Stuck by the Door
Lizzie's Improper
Petronella's Pin
Jerri's New Hall
Men in Plaid
Dutch Apple Reel
A Sizzlin' Seattle
The SGB Contra - A singing contra dance


Previous  Lizzie's Delight - 11/03/2000 Next dance

Duple, Becket

A1  B & S Partner on the Side

A2  CL
       Balance the Ring
       2s Make an Arch, 1s Duck Thru to New Neighbors

B1  Gypsy New Neighbor
       Swing Neighbor on the Side

B2  LL F&B
       Ladies AR 1 in Center to meet Partner

This dance was my first composition, written for my good friend Beth Shirey, who supported me so much in my dance endevours.

Previous dance  Dancing in Durham - 01/17/2004 Next dance

Duple, Becket

A1  B & S Partner on the Side

A2  CL
       Swing Neighbor on the Side

B1  LC Across
       Half a Hey on Left Diagonal, Ladies pass LS to Start

B2  Half a Hey Straight Across, Ladies Pass LS to Start
       Seesaw your Partner (or LS Gypsy)

This dance was written at and for the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend, held in Durham, NH.

Previous dance  Swingin' on the Opposite Side - 12/24/2002 Next dance

Duple, Improper

A1  RH Balance with Neighbor
       Pull by R with Neighbor, Pull by L with Partner, (this is a Square Thru 2) then
       Swing your Neighbor on the Opposite Side, end facing Down the Hall

A2  Down the Hall in a Line of 4
       Turn as a Couple, Come Back and Bend the Line and

B1  CL
       Swing your Partner on the Opposite Side

B2  R&L Thru Across the Set
       Ladies Chain Across the Set
       Turn to Face a New Neighbor, ready with RH

Previous dance  Waiting for the Keys - 05/10/2003 Next dance

Duple, Improper

A1  AL Neighbor 1
       LC Across

A2  Ladies AR 1
       Swing Neighbor

B1  CL
       Swing Partner

B2  CL
       AR Neighbor 1 to New Neighbors

Previous dance  Whose Turn? - 02/07/2003 Next dance

Duple, Becket

A1  Go Halfway Down the Hall in a Line of 4, about 4 steps
       Whose Turn each couple can either turn alone or turn as a couple and come back up the hall
       Center 2 people cast off around the outside 2 people, and start

A2  Contra Corners (Neighbor with Neighbor), coming out of CC, pass by Neighbor

B1  Swing Partner on the Side

B2  R&L Thru on Left Diagonal if no one there, stay put
       Promenade Across the set, end facing down the Hall in a Line of 4

This is an alternating corners dance where each couple gets to decide who in that couple will do contra corners with the neighbor person.

Previous dance  The Road to Crownsville - 10/18/2003 Next dance

Duple, Reverse-Improper

A1  AR Neighbor Once Around
       Gents Chain Across

A2  Gents AL Once Around
       Swing Partner

B1  Gents AL to an Ocean Wave of 4
       Balance the Wave
       Swing your Neighbor

B2  LL F&B
       Dosido Neighbor 1 to a New Neighbor

Interesting comment there are no circles in this dance. Smooth reels at 116bpm are great.

Previous dance  The Gypsy Dancer - 05/08/2003 Next dance

Duple, Improper

A1  Gypsy Neighbor Once Around
       LS Gypsy Old Neighbor Once Around (Partner at the ends)

A2  Swing your Neighbor

B1  Gypsy Partner
       Swing Partner

B2  CL
       Dosido (or Mad Robin) 1 around to New Neighbor

Note: There is some extra time in the B2 for the dosido/mad robin. Dance is quite flirtatous, and medium tempo, kinda slinky music, is nice with it.

Previous dance  Moving Pieces - 05/16/2003 Next dance

Duple, Improper

A1  In a Wavy Line of 4, Rory OMore (Bal R, L, Slide R, Bal L, R, Slide L)

A2  Neighbor AR , Gents AL in Center
       Swing Partner

B1  R&L Thru Across the Set

B2  Neighbor Dosido 1 to a Line of 4
       Balance the Wave
       Pass Thru to New Neighbors (new line of 4)

Previous dance  Durham Revisited - 03/26/2004 Next dance

Becket, Double Progression

A1  B&S Partner

A2  CL 3/4
       Swing Neighbor

B1  LL F&B
       LC Across

B2  1/2 Hey on Left Diagonal, Ladies pass RS to start
       1/2 Hey Straight Across

I altered the original "Dancing in Durham" here to have a smoother flow.

Previous dance  A Nifty 50 - 04/02/2004 Next dance


A1  As Couples, Weave to the Right, passing by current N1 to a new N2, Lady Leads
       As Couples, Weave to the Left, passing by N2 to new N3, Gent Leads
       Circle Right Once Around with N3

A2  Balance in a Ring of 4
       CA Twirl (to face N2)
       Swing Neighbor N2

B1  Give RH to Partner Across the Set and Balance with Partner
       Box the Gnat with Partner
       Just the 1's, Swing Partner, end facing down with same N2

B2  RH Star
       Circle Right back to improper position
       (N2 becomes N1 at top of dance - still current neighbor)

The dance has a nice flow to it, and has a 2 up, 1 back style of progressing.
If you follow the path the couple makes on the dance floor, it looks like a 5 (with the weaves) followed by a circle right for the 0.
I wrote it for my good friend John P. for his 50th birthday in April 2004.

Previous dance  Cole Country Revisited - 10/10/2004 Next dance


A1  Ladies AR 1 1/2
       Swing Neighbor

A2  Gents AL 1 1/2
       Swing Partner

B1  R&L Across, use waist courtesy turn
       Ladies Roll Away with a Half Sashay, rolling R to L
       Gents Dosido Once Around (or Gypsy)

B2  Ladies AL Once Around and continue so as to
       Pass Partner by LS & Loop Around behind Partner, who remains stationary, to end up on his right
       LL F&B, and straighten lines so directly across from New Neighbors

The dance was a minor reworking of Ron Buchanan's "Coal Country Contra".
Gents go back to place (to the R of the Lady) after the dosido in B1, and remain in same spot for B2

Previous dance  Stuck by the Door - 10/10/2004 Next dance

Duple, Improper

A1  AL Neighbor 1 1/2
       LC Across

A2  Give and Take, Gent bring back Neighbor Lady
       Swing Neighbor

B1  CL 3/4
       Swing Partner

B2  CL 3/4
       AR Neighbor 1 1/2 to a New Neighbor

The dance is a modified version of "Waiting for the Keys". The A2 was changed for a break in the circular motion of the original.

Previous dance  Lizzie's Improper - 11/05/2004 Next dance

Duple, Improper

A1  Gypsy Neighbor
       Swing Neighbor

A2  LL F&B
       Ladies AR 1 1/2

B1  B&S Partner

B2  CL 3/4
       Balance the Ring
       2's Make an Arch, move up while 1's Duck Under and move down to New Neighbors

This dance is the same dance as Lizzie's Delight (becket formation). The notation here is Improper.

Previous dance  Petronella's Pin - 08/05/2005 Next dance

Duple, Improper

A1  Balance in a Ring of 4, Spin to the Right 1 Place
       Balance in a Ring of 4, Spin to the Right 1 Place

A2  Balance in a Ring of 4
       Swing Neighbor

B1  Give and Take, Ladies bring back Partner
       Swing Partner

B2  CL 3/4
       Balance the Ring
       Pass Thru to New Neighbors

The Ladies really seem to enjoy the Give and Take. As Couples, go forward, Ladies bring back Partner quickly to Swing.

Previous dance  Jerri's New Hall - 09/10/2005 Next dance


A1  Circle Left 3/4
       Pass thru to New Neighbors
       Swing that New Neighbor

A2  Long Lines Forward and Back
       Ladies Chain Across

B1  Hey for four, Ladies pass by RS to start

B2  Balance and Swing Partner

Dance written for Jerri Laughery to celebrate the first dance in her new hall, in the basement of her newly built house.

Previous dance  Men in Plaid - 01/12/2006 Next dance


A1  LL F&B
       Swing your Neighbor

A2  Gentlemen Chain Across
       Gentlemen Allemande Left Twice Around (make it zesty!)

B1  Balance and Swing Partner

B2  Right & Left Thru
       Ladies Chain Across

Dance written at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theater in Lancaster, PA at the dinner show of "Forever Plaid".

Previous dance  Dutch Apple Reel - 01/12/2006 Next dance


A1  LL F&B
       Gentlemen Chain to Partner (from right side of Neighbor)

A2  Gents AR Once Around
       Swing Partner

B1  Right and Left Thru
       Ladies AR 1 1/2

B2  Balance and Swing Neighbor

Dance written at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theater in Lancaster, PA at the dinner show of "Forever Plaid".

Previous dance  A Sizzlin' Seattle - 05/28/2006 Next dance

3 Swing, Double Progression

A1  Circle Left 3/4
       Pass thru (to New Neighbors)
       Swing the New

A2  B&S the Next Neighbor

B1  Gents AL 1 1/2
       Swing Partner

B2  LL F&B
       Pass Thru Across the Set
       CA Twirl with Partner

Dance written at and for the 2006 Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle, WA, which I attended.
The CA Twirl in the B2 was suggested by California callers Charlie Fenton and Karen Fontana.

Previous dance  The SGB Contra - 06/21/2007 Next dance

A Singing Contra Dance, to the tune Sweet Georgia Brown

A1  Dosido that Neighbor gal, and then you Swing her too,
       Swing that gal around, face across, Right and Left Thru,

A2  Ladies Cross Back and Swing your Partner, yeah swing, that's what you do,
You Swing your own Partner, Face Down the Hall and you march it south, GO,
B1  Four in line, doin fine now, California Twirl, come back,
       March along, sing a song, Bend the Line and the Ladies Chain,

B2  Chain chain, chain I say, a Right and Left thru back the other way,
       Courtesy Turn, put her on the right, face a New Neighbor and Dosido,

Previous dance  KEY:

AL    Allemande Left
AR    Allemande Right
B&S   Balance and Swing
CC    Contra Corners
CL    Circle Left
CR    Circle Right
F&B   Forward & Back
G&T   Give and Take
LC    Ladies Chain Across
LL    Long Lines
LH    Left Hand
LS    Left Shoulder
PT    Pass Thru (No Courtesy Turn)
RH    Right Hand
RS    Right Shoulder
R&L   Right & Left Thru (with Courtesy Turn)

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