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Dave Colestock

Contra and Square Dance Caller

Email: ContraDancerDave {at} Yahoo {dot} Com


Dave Colestock calling at Frederick dance 1/24/2004

2006 Schedule:

01/07/2006 Elverson, PA with All Hat No Cattle.
01/13/2006 Harrisburg, PA with the Contra Rebels.
01/21/2006 Annapolis, MD with Spotted Tomato.
01/27/2006 Harrisburg, PA with Ryck Kaiser & Jamie O'Brien.
03/10/2006 Harrisburg, PA with Inishowen.
03/12/2006 4H Group Presentation and Dance with recorded music.
03/17/2006 Private Party with recorded music in Elverson, PA.
03/26/2006 Private Party with recorded music in Lancaster, PA.
04/07/2006 Charlottesville, VA with the Contra Rebels.
04/08/2006 Harrisonburg, VA with the Contra Rebels.
04/12/2006 Lovely Lane in Baltimore, MD with Skidu - (Cancelled - Hall Unavailable).
04/14/2006 Harrisburg, PA with Ryck Kaiser & Jill Smith.
04/15/2006 Swingin' Tern in Chatham, NJ with Waking Up Tillie.
04/22/2006 Danbury, CT Contra dance with The Reel Thing.
04/28/2006 Patrick Henry College Liberty Ball in Purcellville, VA with Hickman, Glickman & Devine.
05/12/2006 Harrisburg, PA with the Ladies in the Parlor.
06/03/2006 Private Party with the Contra Rebels at Red Lion RR Station.
06/07/2006 Lovely Lane in Baltimore, MD with Marc Glickman's Irish Band.
06/10/2006 Graduation Party in Arden, DE with recorded music.
06/17/2006 Wedding dance in Landisburg, PA with recorded music.
07/01/2006 Wedding celebration for Mark and Jessica O'Neill in Eastern NJ with the Contra Rebels.
07/08/2006 Bethlehem, PA with Dancewiz.
07/14/2006 Longacre Farm, PA Square Dance w/Ryck Kaiser & Friends.
07/28/2006 Harrisburg, PA with Carl Friedman & Ralph Barthine.
08/05/2006 Longacre Farm, PA Square Dance w/Todd Clewell & Friends.
08/11/2006 Harrisburg, PA Hosting Open Mike with Ryck Kaiser & Friends.
08/25/2006 Ithaca, NY with TBD.
08/26/2006 Upper Susquehanna, NY (Oneonta) with Spare Parts.
09/08/2006 FND at Glen Echo in Washington, DC with the Glen Echo Open Band. Also teaching lesson.
09/16/2006 Lewisburg, PA with Strings on Wings.
09/30/2006 New Haven, CT Advanced Dance with the Wild Notes.
10/06/2006 Chicken BBQ/Country Dance at Malvern Bible Chapel in Malvern, PA.
10/14/2006 Wilkes Barre, PA with Total Hip Replacement.
10/27/2006 Harrisburg, PA with Dancewiz.
10/28/2006 Private Party Barn Dance in Lewisberry, PA.
11/03/2006 11/05/2006 Nomad Dance Festival in New Haven, CT.
          11/05 Sun 4:00-5:00 in Gym 1 with the Reel Thing Cole Country Contras.
11/12/2006 Private Party & Dance in New York City, NY.
11/23/2006 Thanksgiving Day Dance at St. Marks Church in Baltimore, MD open mike/open band.
11/25/2006 Butterball in Arden, DE Participating in the medley session at the Guild Hall.
12/09/2006 Dickens Dance in Harrisburg, PA with the Cheshire Gypsies.
12/15/2006 State College, PA with Dr. Twamley's Audio Snakes.
12/22/2006 Harrisburg, PA with the Contra Rebels.

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